What our patients are saying about us:

Physician office feedback: “Mr. B. had a visit with the doctor today and was going on about how fabulous his physical therapist is. He said he has never seen anyone work so hard to help him progress as far as he has come. Patient absolutely loves the progress he has done with Axiom.”

Spouse of patient: “We have used Axiom Home Care twice in the last 5 months. We have been extremely pleased with the excellent compassionate care. My husband is especially happy with Jill, his Occupational Therapist. She treats him like family, always going above and beyond what is required. She has become part of our family!” – Suzanne D

Son of patient: “Your Care Transition Manager gave me good advice on how to talk to Mom, and what to say, and how to say it so Mom feels like she is in charge of her decisions. It made all the difference!” – Nick C

Daughter of Patient: “I cannot say enough good things about the quality of care our nurse Karen provided for my mother and how sad we are to see her go- Wanda J

Family of patient: “George adores his nurse and everyone has been so kind. He has been doing so much better since Axiom Home Care has started. He will be truly sad to see them go. He is always looking forward to their visits.”

Patient Mrs. M: “Kuldeep, my P.T., is by far the best physical therapist I have ever had. I have never accomplished so much with any other therapist and I have worked with a lot of different therapists.”

Patient Mrs. Z: “I love my P.T so much. He is excellent, helpful, polite, intelligent, pleasant, and like part of the family.”

Patient Mr. L: “I was very happy with the care that the staff was providing. Awesome care! Love them all!”

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