Dementia and Alzheimer’s

“It’s Still Me” Dementia and Alzheimer’s Program

When patients living with dementia get sick, the challenges are unique. New or altered symptoms may trigger caregiving challenges. A few common areas of difficulty include:

  • Communication abilities
  • Reasoning skills
  • Awareness level
  • Continence
  • Mood
  • Behavior

During a spell of illness, patients living with memory loss are likely to have better outcomes when surrounded by understanding that comes from experience, training, and wisdom.

The Axiom team hopes to guide home caregivers with training and support through the potentially trying moments of an accompanying acute illness.

Why Choose Axiom Home Care for Dementia Care ?

Axiom’s experienced professionals trained in dementia strategy want every patient living with dementia to experience “the highest degree of compassion, integrity, care, and respect.”

After being among the first home care professionals in Michigan to earn certifications as Dementia Communication Specialists, an R.N and a Geriatric Social Worker laid the groundwork for the unique, “It’s Still Me” Dementia Program. They organized and initiated the Alzheimer and Dementia program by:

  1. Adding staff trainings so that Axiom Home Care clinicians would feel confidently prepared to provide communication centered dementia care approaches for patients & caregivers.
  2. Creating handout materials on interventions and coping strategies for common behaviors.
  3. Researching community resources, and available support options for those battling dementia.

When a person living with dementia experiences an acute illness that affects their overall health and functional abilities please ask for Axiom Home Care or call 734-324-3166.

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