General Debility

General Debility commonly refers to loss of strength or increased frailty and weakness. It can include fatigue, pain, weight loss, muscle loss, brain fog or confusion, and risk for falls. The onset can be slow or sudden.

Debility can occur from lack of activity, poor eating, flu like illness, disease process such as arthritis, M.S., Parkinson’s, or COPD.

Why does it matter?

When a person becomes weak the risk for falls, and injuries increases. Weakness leads to less activity which in turn leads to greater weakness. Susceptibility to illness may increase. Overall quality of life deteriorates.

What to do:

Visit your doctor. They will ask questions and explore potential causes

Ask for home care. A nurse may help with strategies for better eating, assessing vital signs, managing pain, and other symptoms, communicating with the physician, and working towards your greater wellness. Physical and Occupational Therapists may work with strengthening, rebuilding lost muscle, simple pain interventions, improved safety and independence. A Social Worker can address depression issues. A home health aide can assist with bathing and grooming tasks as strength is returning.

If you or a loved one are experiencing unusual or bothersome weakness, don’t wait for a crisis or a hospital admission. Talk to your doctor about a skilled home health care episode or call Axiom Home Care at 734-324-3166.

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