Dementia is a progressive brain condition which affects thinking, memory, mood, behavior, language skills, communication, reasoning, and personality traits.

There are many distinct diseases under the category of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and is probably the most well-known. Overlapping symptoms may occur with all forms of dementia; but the patterns of progression seem to vary from one dementia diagnosis to the next.

Family caregivers frequently manage care for persons with dementia through a journey of several years. Most rely on professionals as well as other loved ones for assistance at various points during the journey. Caring for a loved one with dementia takes a village.

When a person living with dementia is in pain, or not feeling well, or is otherwise uncomfortable, sometimes difficult behavioral expressions become their only form of communication. A professional nurse trained in dementia skills can add new perspectives and provide teaching during a home care episode.

The clinical team at Axiom Home care has participated in trainings taught by Certified Dementia Communication Specialists. This training adds understanding perspectives and new strategies into the skillsets of our clinical team so they can pass those skills along to family caregivers.

If you are in a caregiver role for someone living with dementia symptoms, and a medical issue arises, or your loved one begins having balance issues; this is an ideal time to talk to the doctor about a home health episode with Axiom Home Care. For more information please call 734-324-3166.

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