Staying hydrated

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The benefits of drinking water!

The American Heart Association states, “Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to muscles; and it helps make the muscles work more efficiently.”

Dehydration can cause a multitude of problems from tiredness, to confusion, to muscle cramps.

Please ask your primary care doctor or specialists how much water is ideal to drink on a daily basis.

Needs for water and fluids vary based on a person’s size, activity level, health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease, and even the season.

Patients living with diabetes and heart disease might be at higher risk for complications if they become dehydrated. Remember to ask the doctor how much water to strive to drink daily.

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12 Tips To Keep You Hydrated

1 – Always keep a glass of water or a reusable water bottle near you, to sip on throughout the day.

2 – Keep popsicles and ice pops in the freezer for a fun way to take in more water.

3 – Keep a pitcher of ice water in the fridge with lemon wedges, strawberries, cucumber slices, etc.

4 – Add flavor packets to perk up bottled water.

5 – Have a bowl of soup broth as a midday or evening snack.

6 – Sugar free or regular Jell-O desserts are made with water and can help with hydration.

7 – Don’t stop drinking water because of urinary control challenges. Talk to the doctor first. Certain simple exercises and other remedies can help improve urinary incontinence issues.

8 – Create a refrigerator chart and earn a point each time designated amount of water is consumed. When the chart is full treat loved one to a favorite goodie such as ice cream, a new CD or book, or an outing to a favorite spot.

9 – Join your loved one in drinking a glass of the same water beverage or juice they are sipping on. Make it a social event.

10 – Reminisce about a happy summer vacation memory or sing an upbeat familiar song together while sipping on lemonade or water. This can help one associate hydration with happy times.

11 – Tell stories and jokes together and every time one person laughs; everyone takes a sip of water.

12 – When watching TV let the commercials be a reminder to drink a few more sips of water.

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