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Soft Menu Diet To Help Maintain Your Health

Maintaining nutrition on a softer consistency diet is important to good health. Foods that are easy to chew and swallow should include a nourishing variety from each food group so that mashed potatoes are not the only staple. Food processors and blenders are helpful kitchen tools. Jell-O accompanying meals can help food slide down easier.

Protein foods can include ground meats, beans, and eggs

– Egg salad, poached, boiled, or over easy eggs, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs
– Beans can be pureed, mashed, or cooked into soups, hummus, & dips, or baked
– Salmon, tuna or crab can be mashed with mayonnaise to make a salad or blended into patties
– Ground or puree meats with gravy or broths to moisten them
– Chile, Cottage pie, Corned beef hash, casseroles, meatballs with sauce
– Add strained baby meats to soups, sauces, and gravies


– Grated cheese or cheese sauces add nourishment to a variety of main courses, potatoes, vegetables, and soups
– Cottage cheese and ricotta can be paired with soft fruits
– Milk, soy milk, or almond milk or yogurt can be made into shakes, mixed with instant breakfast powder, or added to hot cereals and other foods to soften
– Ice Cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt can be made into fun shakes, floats, or smoothies
– Custards, mousse, and puddings
– Powdered milk can be added to foods and beverages to fortify them with extra protein

Breads, Pastas, and Cereals

– Macaroni and cheese or pasta or lasagna with tomato sauce (cooked soft)
– Bread crumbs can be added to casseroles and ground meet
– Bread soup and Bread pudding
– Porridge with milk and honey
– Moist muffins or soft cake
– Dumplings can be added to soups and stews
– Pancakes with syrup and butter to moisten
– Corn flakes and rice krispies left in milk can become soft and easily slide down
– Crackers become very soft when crushed into soup

Fruits and vegetables

– Fruit and vegetable Juices
– Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, fresh orange slices; kiwi
– Canned peaches, pears, fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges tend to be soft
– Applesauce, apple butter and other fruit butters or jams can moisten breads
– Berries can be pureed into smoothies
– Bananas and other soft fruits can be eaten as is or sliced into jello and smoothies
– Pureed pumpkin can be eaten with cinnamon or made into soup
– Cooked Peas and beans
– Sweet potatoes and squash- mashed or baked
– Potatoes- mashed, baked, or as a base for soup
– Cauliflower with cheese sauce
– Tomatoes- sliced, in sauces or added to casseroles for color and flavor
– Gazpacho or cold soups
– Soups: Black Bean, cream of mushroom; cream of celery, tomato bisque, cheesy potato, broccoli cheese, split pea

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