Outsmarting COPD!

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COPD patients always notice their symptoms tend to flare up in the winter months. We want to make sure your COPD is controlled. Below are some tips that can help outsmart your COPD in the winter months. If you feel you need assistance in managing your symptoms, please talk to your doctor and he will determine. If homecare could be beneficial in managing your COPD symptoms.

– Make a list of daily and weekly tasks. Organize the tasks according to location in the house.

– Wait about an hour after eating before physical activity. Digestion can affect breathing.

– Arrange baskets with bathing and grooming items together, or household cleaning items.

– Store frequently used items at arms height to avoid bending and stretching.

– Pour shampoo, liquid soap, and heavy items into smaller less heavy containers.

– Electric tooth brushes require less exertion than manual tooth brushes.

– Dress while sitting on the commode.

– Loose fitting elastic waist bands and velcro may be easier than zippers, snaps and buttons.

– Rest in between activities.

– Slip on shoes, with a rubber sole, may require less bending.

– Keep a water bottle, tissues, phone, meds and inhalers near bedside or favorite chair.

– Plan outside errands early in the day when energy level might be higher.

– Keep grocery lists organized by aisle to avoid backtracking for forgotten items.

– Ask baggers to separate perishable items so those bags can be put away first at home.

– Radio and TV can be good diversions from shortness of breath during meal prep time.

– Cook large portions to allow for extra meals later.

– Reachers, grabbers, or tongs can be used to pick up dropped items to reduce exertion.

– Raised garden beds or window boxes may allow continued gardening hobbies; similar adaptations can be made for many hobbies.

If you feel you could benefit from home care services, please speak to your doctor and ask for Axiom Homecare, or call us directly @ 734-324-3166

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