Living With Dementia

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Successful Alzheimer caregiving requires patience, a calm controlled environment, and often creative thinking. Safety from wandering and impaired judgment is a common daily goal for many caregivers.Below are a few tips and tools that can help.

10 Tips and Tools for Easing the Day to Day Dementia Journey

Baby Monitors can help caregivers get a good night’s rest with less worry.

Door Alarms are available from most local hardware stores or online retailers like

Door Knob Protectors- Can deter exit seeking

Personal Emergency Response Systems- There is a variety to choose from in various price ranges. Some can detect falls. Others can alert patients when it is time to take their medicines.

Keep shoes and coats out of sight if a person has a tendency towards wandering- Environmental cues such as coats and hats might tell a person it’s time to go out. Out of sight could mean out of mind.

Child Safety knobs for the stove help prevent unsafe use of the stove

Automatic Stove Turn Off buttons- Stove manufacturers such as G.E., Maytag, and Kenmore offer stoves with lockout features (available at appliance stores and home centers.)

Stove Timers and motion sensors are also available at home centers and appliance stores. These devices can be programed to shut off the stove after a designated time period without activity in the room.

Lighting a path at night- Night lights, dimmer switches, and motion lights can help with disorientation at nighttime. Also glow in the dark footprint decals are available
through the Oriental Trading Company.

Bed Sensor pad and Alarm and Chair Sensor Pad and Alarm- AliMed Products sells these devices for under $150.00. The alarm allows loved ones to record a personalized message which is triggered when a patient gets up from the bed or chair.

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